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Are you and your family prepared for an emergency in Glenwood? 

Ready Glenwood is a Neighborhood Response Group (NRG), started in 2015. Our group follows the guidelines established by Ready Marin and collaborates with other nearby NRGs. Our volunteers and block captains work to organize meetings, collect shared information, reach out to new neighbors, and participate in preparedness training.

When disasters happen and people need help and assistance, neighbors turn to neighbors. The most important step you can take to get through times of disaster and stress is to connect. Neighbors who know each other will help each other when there is a need. 

Ready Glenwood offers a set of initiatives that ensure our neighborhood is prepared for a range of emergency situations. The Ready Glenwood effort has been complimented and looked at as a leader in Marin County with other neighborhoods reaching out for advice about how to follow our formula. 


  • Collect and organize resident names and contacts, both homeowners and renters, to ensure we know who needs to be accounted for.
  • Gather details about residents with disabilities or who may need extra assistance. 
  • Identify people who have special skills or equipment and can assist others during a disaster or contribute to the volunteer effort.
  • We organize data about pets so if you aren't home Fido can be looked after. 
  • Send our local community members to regular trainings, such as CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
  • Provide trainings and presentations like “One Hour 2 Get Ready” and Disaster First Aid class.
  • Organize block captains who are responsible for and will reach out to a subset of our 600+ home community. More block captains are needed to cover unrepresented areas. Please let us know if you can help.
  • Work with City and County programs, Firesafe Marin, Friends of China Camp, and Marin Wildfire Prevention Authority to create and maintain defensible space around our homes. Glenwood is a Firewise community and renews its recognition annually.  

In the unlikely event an earthquake, fire or other disaster occurs, know that Ready Glenwood, with the support of the Glenwood Neighbors Board, works with the whole community to help keep everyone safe. 

Submit your Resident Details

Are you new to the neighborhood or never signed up before?
Does Ready Glenwood have your most up to date information?

Download the Ready Glenwood form, fill it out and follow the instructions to submit it. 

download now

Get Involved.

Reach out to Roger Byars, and Nancy Worcester, if you want to get involved or are willing to be a block captain.

Glenwood Needs CERT Volunteers. What is CERT... ?

After a major disaster, first responders will be overwhelmed. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training is a national program supported by FEMA that teaches you how to take care of yourself, your family and to help your community until first responders are able to assist.

The CERT Basic Training is free and open to all Marin County residents over the age of 18. CERT is taught in two formats: The standard In-person Training and the new Hybrid Training, a combination of online learning and one day of in-person instruction. Anyone over 14 years of age can sign up for the Hybrid Training.

Questions? Find out what you will learn and register at:

Upcoming CERT Classes 

  • Two-day class on April 20th & 27th (with a zoom introduction class on April 18th at 5.30pm ) in San Rafael. To register, click here
  • To register for the class in Mill Valley from June 4th – June 27th click here
  • Classes are open to everyone in Marin County and are FREE. If you have any questions please Contact Us. (form links to Ready Marin)

Recent Photos of Brush Removal & Community Disaster Response Unit

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